GI Family Spotlight: A Proud Air Force Family with Five College Bound Sons


Meet the the “J” family! (Name shortened for security reasons.) They have five brilliant sons, one already in college and four more on the way. Three of those are members of Gratitude Initiative’s College Success Academy—the fifth is too young now, but will be joining as soon as he enters the 8th grade! When the family heard about the GI program, they were quick to sign up—they wanted expert advice to avoid some of the pitfalls they ran into with their oldest son.

Dad, currently a Master Sergeant in the Air Force, has served in Saudi Arabia, Iraq (two deployments), Bahrain, Qatar, Uzbekistan, and Korea. While Dad’s on active duty, Mom’s busy homeschooling the boys and working part time on base. They are very grateful for the GI program, “We love having experts behind us – a watchful eye and guiding hand as we journey through this college adventure with our boys. Schools do not always know or reveal all the information.”

Eli, the senior, loves having a second set of eyes to help him make his college decisions and review his scholarship essays. Aaron, the sophomore, appreciates the extra insight as he researches his career and college options, along with the encouragement he receives from our counselors for the steps he has completed so far. And Joshua, the 8th grader, finds the career and college resources helpful as he takes deliberate, guided steps in the program to help him determine his path after high school. Gratitude Initiative is grateful beyond measure to provide the college-planning experts this family needs and looks forward to working with them for quite a long time.

Gratitude Initiative (GI) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit that provides essential education programs and college scholarships to military and veteran kids around the globe. GI’s programs are provided at no cost to the children and families of military service members, veterans, disabled veterans, and those killed in defense of our country.