Supporting America’s military and veteran kids around the globe.

Battle Scars Seen and Unseen

Since 9/11, our military families have shouldered a burden unprecedented in our history. They’ve served with honor and dignity, but the wounds are deep and they deserve our help.

The parents…

  • 22 veterans commit suicide every day
  • The military divorce rate increased 38% from 2001 to 2010
  • 27% of Iraq/Afghanistan vets struggle with alcohol and abuse
  • Up to 20% of Iraq/Afghanistan vets are battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Their children…

  • 2 million troops have deployed since 2001 leaving behind 1 million children
  • 51,000+ children have a parent that was killed or wounded since 9/11
  • Military kids face emotional and behavioral problems at nearly twice the rate of the general population
  • Most military kids will attend 6-9 different schools before graduating high school

How We Help

Gratitude Initiative (GI) works with our military and veteran families at no cost to them. We bring stability and hope to the family by removing the burden of planning for their child’s future.

GI’s support includes…

College Planning: The College Success Academy

  • A step-by-step program that reduces family stress and anxiety
  • Expert college and career counseling
  • A team of advisors to guide the family every step of the way
  • Help with admission and financial aid processes
  • Test prep for the PSAT®, SAT®, and ACT®
  • Making sure each student is college-ready
  • Help to maximize each student’s scholarship and financial aid opportunities
  • Student and parent support through college graduation

Academic Support/Online Tutoring

  • Access to degreed tutors online from anywhere in the world
  • Covers all math and science subjects
  • Build confidence and improves grades
  • Students supported from 8th grade through the 2nd year of college



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